30 May 2024

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Media talk: May 30, 2024

We round up some of the latest features in the media about League1 BC.

Media Talk

CJFC Today: Rivers FC drop another pair of road matches, get set for return to Hillside Stadium

A stretch of away matches ended with a pair of losses for Rivers FC on Sunday.

Read more by Aaron Schulze: https://cfjctoday.com/2024/05/27/rivers-fc-drop-another-pair-of-road-matches-get-set-for-return-to-hillside-stadium/

Northern Tribune: League1 Canada Men’s & Women’s Reviews: Week 5

Northern Tribune writers Nelson Mahmoudi and David Parkes reflect on the week’s action from across League1 Canada, including League1 BC.

Read the Men’s Review by Nelson Mahmoudi here: https://northerntribune.ca/league1-canada-mens-review-week-5-2024/

Read the Women’s Review by David Parkes here: https://northerntribune.ca/league1-canada-womens-review-week-5/

Published On: 30 May 2024

League1 BC staff